I own a 5d mark iii and was tempted to buy one of the new BlackMagic Cinema Cameras because of the sharper prores and the super sharp raw that it produces, even the older 2.5k version. The BlackMagics don’t work for me for most of what I do, event coverage and ENG documentaries where speed to upload is hugely important. BUT I did want it for things I could take my time on, like music videos and short films. Memory storage is an issue.

The awesome, super smart people over at Magic Lantern just hacked a camera I already own to enable it RAW 14-bit video recording! This is a nightly build not quite yet alpha but perhaps soon to be. It is continuous!

Here are examples. Mind. Blown.



another example

Roger Linn and Carson Day at SAE


A few weeks back I ventured up to SAE of San Francisco to film an event. They had two guest speakers, the Legendary Roger Linn and Carson Day from Dave Smith Instruments. Obviously, I felt a little weird attaching little Zoom recorders to these industry professionals but I did what needed to be done. They were great and kind and I learned a lot. Roger’s drum machine was used to create Prince music!

I had two cameras running. I had the 50 1.2 on a 7d locked down and I floated around with the 5d and various lenses attached to the mono. Aside from the Zooms, I used a Tascam DR-40 set really low specifically so I can get some clean audio of their music since there wasn’t a board I could plug in to. I also mounted the Rode shotgun on the 5d so I could monitor the audio to make sure I can get good audio to sync with. I used Plural Eyes to sync the 3 audio tracks and 2 cams. It did ok but I had to do a lot of manual syncing, PAIN!

The main issue I had was not having loaded Magic Lantern onto the 7d and facing the 12 minute recording limit. That meant keeping track of the time, while monitoring the audio, while moving around re-obtaining focus. It was sensory overload for me.

Anyways, it was a great experience and please check out the video on SAE Institute USA’s youtube channel below.