How it works

Ready? Contact me either at (510) 878-6755, the comment form, or any of the links below. Include your business name, associated web links, and the purpose of the video.

I’ll send you additional questions and based on that I’ll put together a creative brief for you. Next, let’s meet in person! I’ll pitch you the why’s behind every decision made in the brief. When you’re ready to proceed, we sign a contract, perfect the script and start scheduling.

There’s obviously more. Infact, I developed a 30-step client journey to make sure everyone’s happy. I think you’ll be pleased with my attention to detail. Remember, I’m here to work with you!

Please note that I specialize in projects with a $5000 to $50,000 budget. Regardless, it won’t hurt to contact me for any reason. (especially if you’re cool and kind)

I look forward to hearing from you!

-Michael Merto
Studio @Emeryville, CA