Day at the Park

Getting into portrait photography. Just as another speedlite and grid arrived I was off to watch the SF Giants play. I knew I wasn’t going to be bothered nor bother folks with flash but I still wanted to snap some stills during the game.

Brought my 5d Mark iii and left the 7d in the trunk. Why? I didn’t know what light levels I was to be dealing with and though the reach would have been nice on the crop sensor, the 5d’s resolution allows me more cropping options kind of making it moot for stills. The 8 frames a second would have been nice too, but 6 frames ain’t too shabby and getting clean files were more important.

That’s it!

_5D33004 _5D32998 _5D32938 _5D32933 _5D32154 _5D32430 _5D32251

_5D32522 _5D31836 _5D31818 _5D31813 _5D33032 _5D32638 _5D32622 _5D32567

Main objective was to shoot stills, but couldn’t help switching to movie mode here and there. Footage was scarce but wanted to chop something up. blah blah blah: