Richie FaReal


Hailing from Oakland and residing in the South Bay, Richie FaReal developed a wide taste in music. Heavily influenced by Blues, live instruments and artists like Stevie Wonder, Richie has become a top talent producer in the Bay Area. Oh, he can rap too. I’ve been a fan of underground hip-hop, mainly freestyle battles and if you don’t have word-play and multi’s then you better have cadence and swag. Richie FaReal’s got it all. I’ve quickly become a fan of his music.

Onto the insider info on the Video EPK below. We shot it in ONE day!!! The goal was to make it look like it spanned several months so Richie came with change of clothing and we set out all over San Francisco. We started in Deloris Park, went to outside SAE, a dive bar, and random side streets. I found some old clips I shot for an episode of the Frat tv where he had some facial hair that helped to sell this idea. We ended at his producer’s home setup.

Now, my main camera used was the 5d mark iii with a 16-35 2.8 ii and a neck strap. I had a Zoom h2 that he kept in his pocket and we just let that run, Plural Eyes took care of the syncing. I also shot the Music videos too, there are full versions somewhere, but they provided some nice value and breaks to the piece.

Richie’s been featured on a lot of magazine’s recently but I decided on this post since the most recent one, 2dopeboyz, attached the full Video EPK! Check it out below. For the full article on Richie Fareal click here. For booking him click here.