Getting back together


Couldn’t pass up a sweet deal for the Sony Nex 5n. Needed a pocket sized camera that did 1080p60. Sony and I are reunited! The image is sweet, better than the a77 I had (no crop in video mode!).

It’s better in low light that my Canon 7d. Holds on to more details at iso 3200 but I would’t go past 1600.

Wish there were half stop iso adjustements.

Camera has overheated and shut off several times, bummer.

Lack of manual controls sucks for paid gigs where quick changes are needed.

I mounted the camera on my 7d and the Canon definitely looks more cinematic until I take the 5n footage and conform it to 24 frames. The slow motion is super clean, I forgot how impactful slow motion is. Even taking it to 10% with optical flow in final cut X yielded clean results. That’s why I got it.


Could the Metabones Speed Booster be on my horizon?!