The Dancer

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 11.43.22 PM

I had the pleasure of working with a Bay Area artist, RichieFaReal, for his upcoming LXXXV album. I was commissioned to shoot the music video for his song “Maniac.” It’s a visually cool juxtaposition of images between a beautiful, graceful dancer and the little girl from The Ring. Playing dual roles as the dancer and the maniac was Thonia. I was caught off guard by how great she was to work with. Didn’t flinch once on consecutive retakes and gave it her all.

We’re in the final stages of editing the video but I had some downtime and footage that wasn’t going to be used. So I chopped up this ditty as prelude to the final video. Everything was shot on Canon’s for this one with the use of available light. That was a mistake. I wanted the warmth from the dance studio’s light so I left the cameras at 5600k thinking I can simply add some purple (can’t shake the purple phase!). Instead of a nice warm sun yellow I got kind of a grotesque over-riped banana yellow that didn’t reveal itself since I shoot in Cinestyle. It was time consuming correcting each clip but a great lesson learned. In the prelude I didn’t want black and white so I kept the mid tones but desaturated everything else. FCPX for the edit.