Over a decade ago I sought funding for starting a video production company. I pulled up Powerpoint and went to friends and family. Things happened along the way. Like a fiancé. A job. Family found and lost. Alcohol.

Vincent Laforet’s Reverie had me amazed. I was drawn back in to where I drifted from. Phillip Bloom’s work is inspirational to me. I had to get back into this. Cinematography. Film making. The passion never left. I love the part of importing clips and getting depressed at my work. It starts jumbled but hopefully by the end I can take a finger and strike an emotional chord. To at least one other person that’s not me. Because then I would have connected. The higher power that exists to me lies in the spaces between people.

So I’ve been busy working on two projects. Here is the timeline on an intro to the Be You Campaign.  I’ve never made so many titles in my life! The founder has a passion to get a message across. Her message is to love yourself, all parts. How simple. How hard for me to do. She’s amazing.

I wish I had more time to do reviews on the latest gear, but I don’t. FCPX is holding up well. Macbook Pro Retina is showing kinks in the armor. Spinning wheel going on more than I like. I hope to post soon again, the clients are game changing people. Great stories and funny individuals.

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