Spoken Word from 2007

im growing colder as the weight escalates on my shoulders
perpetrate soldiers who utter the words ” i told ya”
playing hands i should fold with, im torn sick
at the prospects of losing a damn bitch with loose lips
already done move on, chow yun with a cigerarette and a tooth pick
move quick with a few tips to move on with
perpendicular slices on the wrist to see blood drip
gets me on the cock block this sucidal watch clock list
face it, take more than an intervention to save it
drunken raps put my face smacked flat on pavements
funny bone to send em home, it’s why im everyone’s favorite
drop nickels and dimes fact is i gotta change it
can’t tame shit should be locked in koverkien’s basement
with a fake tint of hatred so my loss makes it easy for u to take it