Missed me???

I have to apologize for the hiatus. It’s been a busy week which would make for great blogging, too bad anonymity is essential in what I do. For now and to my countless three readers out there, I submit some of the things that have occupied my visual cortex of late.

In no particualar order:

Marie Calloway’s short stories entitled “Adrien Brody” and “Jeremy Lin” best read in that order.

Google Plus has overhauled their layout and I’ve been hacking my profile along with some pretty creative people. Check it out HERE.

Guy Kawasaki’s Art of the Start and the 12 things he’s learned form Steve Jobs:

  1. experts are clueless
  2. customers cannot tell you what they need
  3. biggest challenges beget the best work
  4. design counts
  6. jump curves, not better sameness
  7. it works or didn’t work
  8. value different from price
  9. A players hire A players
  10. real CEOs can demo
  11. real entrepreneurs can ship. dont worry be crappy
  12. some things need to be believed to be seen

Finally I’ve been messing with CS5 of late. Here’s what I did to the photo below:

Source image was from a pre-college trip. 5 of us went through Santa Barbara and ended up in Yosemite.

1.Increased contrast, tweaked levels and curves and applied an overlay with a high pass filter set to 50% opacity.
2. Highlighted shadows with standard burn tool.
3. Text graphics and bars were made within photoshop.
4. Using layer mask desaturate foreground and background
5. extracted dan forden image and insert using 80% opacity and gaussian blur.
6. Used the Yellow Filter twice. Once on my friend (originally Mexican) and then myself (natively black).
7. Finally, used chink tool to narrow eyes.