Provari V2 (version two) Review

Asthetics: 8/10
Laser etched Logo
Flush with 3 types of tanks (lil mama, smoktech, and map dct)
vibrant display

Activation: 8/10
illuminated red

Battery-lilfe: 8/10
$20 extension cap to house 18650 lasts me 1 full day @ 5 volts with a 16oomah AW IMR (high drains required)

Construction: 10/10
never failed to fire
steel feels indestructable

Versatility: 10/10
Variable volt from 2.9 to 6 volts with a 3.5 amp switch so far has accepted 1.5ohm dual-coils up to 5.2 volts. That’s amazing. I have a madvapes vv box that cuts off at 4.4 volts.

SUMMARY: This has become my daily vape. The ability to start off at a lower voltage in the morning and increase according to stress and beverage choice (non-alcoholic. yes i am) is an amazing convenience. It’s fit and finish cannot be described. It just FEELS amazing. If the Provari and Silver Bullet could have a baby it would be Angelina Jolie’s right leg.

Final score: 8.8 (editor’s choice award)

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