New Smoktech Dual Coil 3.5ml Tank

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Asthetics: 9/10
Very cool new black on black smoked theme.
Goes well with just about every mod.
Included drip tip is bleh

Construction: 6/10
Thin cylinder walls on tank
Light and cheap feeling plastic end caps

Versitility: 9/10
Goes well with just about every mod
will fit Smoktech’s new line of single coil tank cartomizer’s allowing an even broader range of use.

Lifespan: 9/10
keeping them cartomizers wet is the key to extending its usefulness. Tanks do just that.

Maintenance: 9/10
Filling is a breeze and so is the refill. If you’re good with legos you’ll have no problems here.

SUMMARY: Dual Coil Cartomizers and tank systems have long been established as essentials for the intermediate vaporer. Though tried and true, these tanks by Smoktech come with some welcome revisions creating a better experience. The flange has 2 parallel cuts that the actual tank rests on resulting in a puzzle forming fit. That means removing and tightening the whole unit on a mod is hassle free. The dual coil cartomizer now has 3 prepunched wholes versus 1 on the older versions. Juice makes its way into the cartomizer uninhibited and though I’ve only tried it with pure PG, I imagine this to be an even greater benefit to those that use all or part VG in their tanks. The o-rings that hold the tank onto the cartomizer is definitely tighter inspiring confidence that this version won’t accidentally slide off like the old ones have. Excellent deal from Madvapes, 11.99 fetches you the tank, 1.6 ohm cartomizer, and drip tip.

Final Score: 8.4 (editor’s choice award)

You can find this at

SPECIAL THANKS to Dennis for gifting this item to me for review. Special future thanks to all suppliers sending me free things to review. Keep em coming. Pleeeease. =)


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  1. madvapes has always been really good to me. I had an issue once and they paid for the return shipping for the VV box you see in the review. Even if they didn’t their prices are very hard to beat.

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