Make ’em See – Music by Richie FaReal

Richie FaReal is a super talented musician. He’s a songwriter/producer/rapper with music that I actually listen to which is a bonus not to have to generate love for a project.  Over the span of two days we maneuvered across San Francisco finding locations to shoot. My goal is always to capture the most minimalistic, clean…


Day at the Park

Getting into portrait photography. Just as another speedlite and grid arrived I was off to watch the SF Giants play. I knew I wasn’t going to be bothered nor bother folks with flash but I still wanted to snap some stills during the game. Brought my 5d Mark iii and left the 7d in the…


Richie FaReal

Hailing from Oakland and residing in the South Bay, Richie FaReal developed a wide taste in music. Heavily influenced by Blues, live instruments and artists like Stevie Wonder, Richie has become a top talent producer in the Bay Area. Oh, he can rap too. I’ve been a fan of underground hip-hop, mainly freestyle battles and…

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A Real Life Warrior

I got an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. A long time ago my dad brought home UFC 1 when it was banned years ago and we became fans from the beginning. This was when people came in with styles like ninjitsu and sumo. No gloves, no rules. I’ve been following the sport since. Film editing…



These guys hilarious and talented. I shot and edited this episode a while back on a 5d mark iii, plain old .h264 =(, and a 7d. All audio was captured through a Rode shotgun. Edited and graded on FCPX.



I own a 5d mark iii and was tempted to buy one of the new BlackMagic Cinema Cameras because of the sharper prores and the super sharp raw that it produces, even the older 2.5k version. The BlackMagics don’t work for me for most of what I do, event coverage and ENG documentaries where speed…


Thoughts on FCPX multi cam

I think it’s great that so many features are built into FCPX that allows me to stay there. Things that in the past required me to take something out of it and into Motion or After Effects are simple and easy to use plugins in Final Cut. I can quickly color correct, key and add…


Getting back together

Couldn’t pass up a sweet deal for the Sony Nex 5n. Needed a pocket sized camera that did 1080p60. Sony and I are reunited! The image is sweet, better than the a77 I had (no crop in video mode!). It’s better in low light that my Canon 7d. Holds on to more details at iso…


It’s all about the lenses?

I count five. Maybe six conversations I had with myself on the drive up to purchase the Canon 70-200 2.8l is ii. I had the mark i version. It was heralded, legendary and considered the best. The mark ii was considered better, more consistent sharpness throughout the entire range but was nearly twice as expensive.…


The Frat TV Season 1

I have to bite my hand to keep from laughing, shaking the monopod and ruining a shot. Everytime I film these guys. Everytime. They are the some of the funniest, off the cuff, wittiest people I have ever met. They are music producers. They are the Frat. This is the trailer. We have 5 episodes…


Rapid Fire

I’m really excited over a couple things. First I know Apple just released version 10.0.8 for Final Cut. Most of the changes don’t seem to affect me or help to speed my workflow. Having support for Sony’s 4k codec is not something that concerns me at the moment, nor is support for Alexa’s log. The…


Roger Linn and Carson Day at SAE

A few weeks back I ventured up to SAE of San Francisco to film an event. They had two guest speakers, the Legendary Roger Linn and Carson Day from Dave Smith Instruments. Obviously, I felt a little weird attaching little Zoom recorders to these industry professionals but I did what needed to be done. They…

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The Dancer

I had the pleasure of working with a Bay Area artist, RichieFaReal, for his upcoming LXXXV album. I was commissioned to shoot the music video for his song “Maniac.” It’s a visually cool juxtaposition of images between a beautiful, graceful dancer and the little girl from The Ring. Playing dual roles as the dancer and…

Iron Man 3 Trailer

Are you ready for Marvel’s phase 2? The Avengers was the last movie in the initial and ambitious plans from Marvel to incorporate epic superheroes into a unified fight. The onscreen culmination did not disappoint and from the looks of this trailer phase 2 will be off to a good start. Cue Tony Stark.  


The Oscar Effect

I normally disregard awards. (well, unless I win them). I like Seth McFarlane. He led me to the show and kept me watching, I thought he did great. I knew Ang Lee from his varied work from Crouching Tiger to the underrated Incredible Hulk. So he wins Best Director for Life of Pi.  So I watch…

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Melissa’s Story

I’ve been working for the Be You Campaign over the past few months. So let’s get this out of the way, it’s so much nicer when work leads to good things for others. I believe that the founder, Tisa, is genuine in her drive to help others that are struggling. Whether it be from rape,…


FCPX 10.0.7 Quick Review

I came from Premiere Pro ages ago when Final Cut was the industry standard. When Apple decided to overhaul everything in FCPX, i jumped on board. It seems as though everyone went to CS6. The monthly membership to Adobe’s Cloud sounded supremely enticing but Final Cut Pro X worked well enough for me. I’m glad…